Install VS Code (Visual Studio Code) on Mac


Two times before and thelast time Visual Studio for Mac was installed, and it is now possible to perform cross-platform development using .NET Core + Xamarin on Mac.

Next, install VS Code (Visual Studio Code).VSCode is Microsoft’s open source development environment, which is lighter than Visual Studio for Mac.

Cross-platform development requires an environment other than the main OS such as Windows or Linux on the virtual environment.At such times, you can automate the construction of the virtual machine with a script, and when you connect to the virtual machine with SSH, you can handle it only with VS Code.

By adding extensions from the marketplace, VSCode can create scripts, front-end development, SSH connection to remote servers, create materials while checking the preview with Markdown, etc. You can use it.

Please refer to the URL below for building a cloud environment or virtual machine using scripts.


VS Code installation


Click“Download for Mac” on this page to start downloading.

VS Code installation

Unzip the downloaded “” to create “Visual Studio”.

Drag the created “Visual Studio” and drop it on “Application”.

Double-click “Visual Studio” installed in “Applications” to open it.

“”Visual Studio Code” is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? A confirmation message will be displayed. Click “Open”.

VS Code opens and the installation is complete.

Install the VSCode extension

Install the extension from the Marketplace.

Extension installation instructions

Click “Extensions” at the bottom left of VS Code.

Search for the extension in Search Extensions in Marketplace.

Click “Install” of the extension you want to install and install it.The installed extensions will take effect when you restart VS Code.

Recommended VS Code extension

  • Japanese Language Pack

  Set VS Code to Japanese.

  • Prettier

  Automatically format code.

  • Visual Studio IntelliCode

  AI complements code input.

  • zenkaku

  Full-width will be highlighted.

  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

  The pairs of brackets are colored to make it easier to understand.

  • indent-rainbow

  Colors the indent.

  • Remote-SSH

  Although it is a preview version, you can execute commands and edit files with SSH connection from VS Code.

  • Path Intellisense

  It will help you enter the path.

  • Markdown All in One

  It will help you edit Markdown.

  • GitLens

  You can compare files in commit units.

  • Git Graph

  It makes the commit graph easy to see.

  • gitignore

  You can easily create .gitignore.

  • Docker for Visual Studio Code

  You can manage containers with VS Code.

  • HashiCorp Terraform

  Supports Terraform coding.

Touch Bar settings

Last time, I set Visual Studio for Mac to initially display the function keys on the Touch Bar, but it is more convenient to use the function keys for searching and debugging in VS Code as well, so the initial display of the Touch Bar will be the function keys.

Set Touch Bar as a function key

From the menu bar, click [Apple]-[System Preferences…].


Click “Shortcuts”.

Click “+” and select “Visual Studio”.

“Visual Studio” has been added so that when the VS Code window is selected, the function keys are initially displayed on the Touch Bar.